Friday, 18 April 2014

"Before Darkness" first Limited Edition nude print sells today

I am delighted to say that I have just sold my first ever nudes in landscape, Limited Edition print, "Before Darkness" which features in my forthcoming "Landscape Figures" exhibition - No 1 of 30 in the A1 size has gone :-)

As the model eased herself into the dark black peat bog, aiming for the small grassy island in the centre, she started sinking into the thick mud below. We decided to stop immediately and I readied the walking poles to pull her out if needed. She suggested we shot the frame right where she stood instead, which I did, and thankfully the shot worked almost better than her standing on the islet anyway.

The vulnerability of this wiry figure as she starts to sink into the blackness, on a cold darkening hillside, epitomises what this project is about - REAL connection with real landscape and the beautiful frailty of the human figure.

© All words and images © Glyn Davies 2014

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Warm Romance and a Bitter Mountain (Cnicht)

Crisp Cnicht

As is the way with my days off these days, there is no rush ever. Jan works long days and even longer nights in an intensive care department and there is NO shift pattern at all to allow a person’s body clock to plan the week. Her need for sleep catch up is vital, so I have learned not to expect a 7am leap out of bed, and instead to respect her body clock readjustment time. It doesn’t stop me getting fidgety however if the light looks amazing, and the day is going by :-)

Promises Under the Blanket
It was Sunday however, and for Jan a rare Sunday off, so whatever! The weather forecast was for brightness, light cloud, zero chance of rain and plenty of sunshine later. We could do a lazy leisurely hill walk later with no worries about the elements or timings. I didn’t really absorb the additional information I skimmed through on the mountain weather forecast though, which indicated freezing level at summits and 45mph winds. Nevertheless we threw in our Paramo’s and Rab wind proofs just in case, along with two flasks of steaming hot coffee.

Jan phoning God for a summit forecast

At about 2pm we started the one hour drive towards the distinctive pyramid shaped mountain called Cnicht. I haven’t done it for couple of years and I love the mountain (approximately 2200 feet). I have done it from the very meandrous North side and also from the shadowy East facing quarry valley of Cwm Orthin, which was today’s plan as I wanted to show Jan the old quarry workings. However, as part of her prep for some bigger mountains in the next few weeks she said she’d prefer a steep ascent, so we headed for Croesor on the brighter West side instead. This was a first for me too which was nice, making our way up the classic West ridge.

Joy Under the Blanket

We decided to have a cuppa and a sandwich in the cafe in the tiny, sleepy hamlet of Croesor but the cafe was so asleep it was closed! I was really surprised, this being the Easter break and a car park packed with walkers’ vehicles. We started up the long, bouldery woodland track before exiting right up towards the smooth lower slopes of Cnicht. The light was not as forecast, not good at all really, blankets of grey cloud obscured the spring sunshine and even the summit of the adjacent Moelwyn Mawr. The wind however was just as strong as forecast and even though I was hot making the ascent, I was also feeling chilly at the same time, a weird and difficult combination. Just below the summit on the open flat shoulder, I put on my outer shell layer as well and was so grateful for it. AT this point it was bitterly cold by then and the cloud layer had dropped too so that now the summit of Cnicht had disappeared from view. Jan who makes a bean pole look fat is particularly prone to suffering the cold and even with all her layers on she has to keep moving to keep warm, so we downed a couple of fast coffees from our flasks and started the very steep last buttress to the narrow and very exposed summit. NOT a good day to shoot nudes for my forthcoming exhibition for sure !

Sharp Ridge in Soft Light

We had another rapid slurp of hot coffee on the summit in thick cloud, before deciding to go back down the same way rather than cross the open moorland slopes beyond in just 10 meter visibility. This became a very good move as on the descent, the lowering sun started to punch through widening holes in the cloud creating a divine landscape over the Nantlle Ridge to our North West and the Irish sea ahead of us to the SSW. God’s ladders were everywhere and the clouds swirled at different rates and at different levels creating an atmospheric theatre of movement and dance.

A Bright Descent

Beams of light created sheets of warm brightness across the hillsides and when we turned around Cnich looked magnificent, a dark geometric triangle sliced by lines of sunlight, orange warm grasses blowing in the foreground and a raven circling the peak, it was fairytale and enchanting. I would have simply stood and stared for another hour or more but poor Jan was now using up the last of her core heat so we really did have to descend further until the temperature rose and the wind dropped in the shelter of the trees once more. We sat in the van with the heater on and finished our coffee before the hour’s drive home, covered by a spectacular post sunset sky. I love these longer days, cosy mornings with a loved one and then adventure in the afternoon followed by a romantic evening with hot food and a cold Pinot Grigio - best Sunday in ages :-)

Welsh Pyramid

All images are available in the smaller A4 and A3 sizes direct from my WEBSITE but larger, Limited Editions are available by calling the gallery on 01248 715511

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Saturday, 29 March 2014

Carneddau Double Page Spread in TGO Magazine 2014

Ever since my photographer and writer friend Chris Townsend introduced me to TGO (The Great Outdoors Magazine), a magazine he is a featured product writer for, I have been a fan of this publication, with it's detailed mountain walk guides and amazing gear reviews.

It has been ever more of a delight to see my own work in print in this well produced magazine, and this morning I received my copy of the latest issue containing a wonderful DPS of my image "Mountain Exhilaration, Carneddau"

They have gone for a slightly desaturated version of the rich original but both work in their own ways.

© Copyright Glyn Davies 2009 - All rights reserved.

A Nude Spread in Welsh Coastal Life, 2014

Many thanks to Charlotte the editor of Welsh Coastal Life Magazine (Border Publishing), one of my latest fave nudes from "Landscape Figures" is spread across two pages of the latest issue - all in promotion of the forthcoming Anglesey Arts Weeks (12-27th April) - this image will appear as an A1 framed edition print at the taster show here at my gallery over that period.

As always, the magazine did a great job of printing a subtle toned monochrome image.

© Glyn Davies 2014 - ALl rights reserved.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

A New Nude for Anglesey Open Studios 'taster' show - April 12th

Here is one of two new 'nudes pictures' which will be on display here at my Oriel Glyn Davies Gallery in Menai Bridge, during the Anglesey Open Studios fortnight, starting on April 12th.

This one is titled "Light Over Inky Depths" and I was captivated the delicacy of the woman, and behind her the powerful suck of sun-lit water into the shadowy gulley to the left. The water was deep, black, ominous and coming in rapidly, so the vulnerability of the delicate female figure against the mass of rock and body of water, was accentuated. The woman steps delicately towards the light, unaware of becoming trapped by the dark tide behind her.

NB We are still looking for attractive, non-tattooed, athletic MALE models, aged 18 - 45(ish) for this exhibition project. Please e-mail Glyn HERE

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Friday, 14 March 2014

Biggest Surf at Anglesey's West Coast

The biggest waves I've personally ever seen at Porth Tyn Tywyn and I have walked, swam and surfed there many 100s of times over the last 20 years.

On this particular morning I had gone there with the idea of body boarding what was reported to be a brilliant swell for Anglesey. The day was clear with a strong offshore wind and just a few rapidly clouds. I parked up overlooking the dunes and the sea beyond and I could already see wave tips higher than the dunes (foreshortened perspective of course) and I knew it was going off! I walked down to the reef and two surfers were being thrown about in the white water before finally getting out to the back where a strong rip was pushing them Southwards towards the bay of the burial mound, Barclodiad y Gawres. It was funny in a way watching these guys go for the surf but spend so much time just trying to keep parallel to the shore. At this point, I just knew that I was not going in! I have not body-boarded seriously for years and having had a bit of an epic attempt at Sennen in Cornwall in January in big seas it was all too intimidating for this surf-unfit body !

Of course the upside to that decision is that I could guilt-freely enjoy taking pictures of the surf instead and it was just so beautiful and powerful to watch. Thankfully the offshore breeze was keeping most of the sea-spray off my lens for a change meaning that I could continue to shoot without minute-apart lens cleans.

The light on the sea in the bay was sharp and intense, and the lips of the waves were backlit and sparkling against the darker sky in the background. I enjoyed studying the bands of light and dark as they created monochrome Rothko seas, large ocean canvases of abstract landscape. After an hour or more of outgoing tide, the waves noticeably reduced in height to the point where perhaps I could have gone in, but with a full CF disc I decided to head for hot coffee back in the gallery instead - wrong decision ? Probably ! :-)

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Sunday, 9 March 2014

"Escape" to Greece - first glamour print sale

I was so happy yesterday to get my first web based sale of one of a handful of glamour / nude images on my website, especially when the print is winging it's way to Athens in Greece :-) On the same day I made book sale to a customer in New Mexico - a wonderful international end to my week :-)

This image was just for fun but we were enclosed by a huge white wall in a yard which looked as though it should have been a swimming pool! We couldn't see over the wall at the amazing view beyond, so we used a chair to grab the top of the wall. Even with the chair my beautiful companion couldn't see over the wall but it was fun watching her try :-)

Prints are available from A4 to A1 Editions. Click HERE to see and order any of the nudes in the smaller A4 and A3 sizes.

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Friday, 7 March 2014

March 2014 BOOK SALE online


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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Laughter in the Waves, Anglesey

In a streaming gale Jan and I crossed sand dunes to an almost deserted foam-strewn beach. The waves were heavy and fast and the wind was lifting and hurling foam creatures from the shoreline to the dunes, only avoiding splattering our faces thanks to slipstreaming! The sunlight was broken but when it burst through it was warm and rich, sparkling off the wet sand, backlighting oxygenated suds, waddling their way from the water margin.

"Seaside Waddle" Rhosneigr  © Glyn Davies 2014 - Prints available

It was a bitterly cold air-stream sweeping down from the North, and poor Jan looked like a frozen rigid Chilli pepper in her new Paramo coat as I stumbled around on wave-soaked reefs. I was excited by the events in front of me but was ever conscious of my suffering slim companion.

The spray was constant and when I looked towards the ancient burial chamber of Barclodiad y Gawres I could see horizontal sheets of spray contrasting with the brooding dark hillside. My lens was covered in spray within seconds and the thickness of salt meant that even specialist lens cloths were not effective at clearing off the saline coating - I accepted that today’s shots would be soft and droplet covered, and actually that no longer worries me these days, as atmosphere always beats detail.

"Laughter in the Waves" Rhosneigr  © Glyn Davies 2014

I balanced myself on a rock jutting from the pristine sand, ready to shoot the choppy sea but today again, I got caught out by one of those ‘tricksy’ seventh waves, which lifted to knee height which was already 18” above the beach, so this time I did get a boot-full of seawater but also a fun shot in the process - no award winner for sure but a great memory of a moment which had Jan laughing widely, even in her sub zero state :-)

We walked on, my boot warming like a winter wetsuit and as I was already wet I resigned myself to further soakings as I haunched just an inch above wet sand to photograph a parade of the foamy suds. Finally we stood atop an isolated black crag in the center of this long sandy beach and we watched larger waves exploding over the offshore stacks - not exactly Cornish in scale but for here, on the West coast of Anglesey, they were an impressive light-intensified sight nevertheless.

Jan had reached almost -273ºF so her legs would shatter into a million fragments at any minute, so she started to meander back towards our van. I took this as a message, that “flasks of hot coffee maketh a good relationship”, so I collapsed my tripod, packed away my camera and rushed off after her. We sat warm in the van cockpit sipping hot drinks and stuffing Jaffa cakes before we were offered a cooked supper in her Mum & Dad’s house, beyond the Maelog Lake.

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Monday, 10 February 2014

Brightening Familiarity - Rhosneigr seascape

Having done a picture delivery in Northern Anglesey, I was on my way back down the A55 when I decided to turn for the coast, just to get some fresh air. I found myself on the Rhosneigr road and my heart was light. Mine was the only vehicle in the sand-dune car park and pools of rainwater transformed the normally gritty rutted surface into rather beautiful patches of bright sky.The wind was bitter, still blowing in from the North West and today I only had trainers on, so no risky teetering about on wave washed rocks for me.

"Brightening Familiarity" Rhosneigr  © Glyn Davies 2014 - Prints available

The recent gales and big tides had deposited tonnes of dead brown seaweed over most of the shelving beach, but the outgoing tide revealed a beautiful sandy stretch at low water mark. The waves had decreased considerably today but it was still choppy in the strong cold breeze and the waves though low, were still powerful enough to launch themselves explosively up the shingle. Yesterday in the blazing late afternoon light, there was a smoothness to the foam-covered beach but today, there was sharpness, a contrast and a new brooding weather front overhead. My fingers froze whenever I removed them from my shooters-mitts and I put two hoods on to keep my head warm. I negotiated my way up onto the reef via a series of bizarre-to watch, core-stabilised ballet movements, tripod over my shoulder and rucksack swaying heavily with each leap. I found somewhere I could stand securely and just watched the wave performance below me.

The sunshine remained clear and intense for quite a while, even though the cloud front appeared keen to obscure it, and the light danced on the waves in a bright avenue ahead of me. Soon though, the light subdued and the rain started so I made my way back to the van and on to the gallery to work. I really enjoy these spontaneous moments when you find yourself excited and stimulated by someone or something unexpected. I felt alive and captivated, if only for a brief hour.

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