Sunday, 19 April 2015

2015 International COLOR Awards - Honourable Mentions for “And on the Third Day”

Following just a month after the announcement that 9 of my black & white entries had been given Honourable Mentions in the International MONO Awards, I have just heard that 1 of 5 colour images I entered in this years International COLOR Awards has also just been given an Honourable Mention, making ten images of my nudes award winners now ☺

“And on the Third Day” was carefully titled for various reasons, the most obvious being the spherical boulder in front of a tomb-like cave behind, yet this image might also mean birth (study the rock formation to discover why), death, and of course the notion of resurrection of mankind, a wish I would love to come true if it cleansed man of his stupidity and aggression.

Whilst exploring these South Western cliffs, a site for many shipwrecks over the years, I have always been anxious about stumbling across a dead person, and placing this volunteer in an almost washed up position in this deep and secret gully, was a visual depiction of that possibility, yet as other viewers have said, she looks almost as if she’s just waiting for the kiss of life, to gasp that saving breath, to be plucked off the stone and nurtured back to life. Equally, she is like a new-born in contrast to the large, smooth, red, rock tunnel framing her fragile, helpless body, but incredibly as with all mankind, a body born of the earth.

It has been fascinating over the last year, discussing this image, of which I have a large print in my gallery, hearing the signs, symbols and stories that others have read into this image. It’s why my scribbled sentences are just thoughts, no rights or wrongs or definitive answers, just suggestions, which some will see and others may not, though they will likely have stories of their own.

Prints as always, are available from my main site HERE or my dedicated nudes site HERE

Friday, 3 April 2015

"Sensuous Appreciation" - a new image now available on my new website

"Sensuous Appreciation"

A new image now available as a signed archival print from here on my new website

In wide open space in a vast estuary, an inch of sea water covering the soft sand, a young woman stretches across it's surface, exposing her body to the wondrous sensations of sun, breeze, water and sand. Water droplets roll off her skin and wet sand clings to her fingers and legs. Her hair gets wet, she feels sea water over inch of her torso, and experience she's never had before. I asked her to imagine no one else was about, just her, in this huge open space, to enjoy maximum connection with the natural world about her. She felt utterly liberated.

© Glyn Davies

Signed archival prints of "Sensuous Appreciation" are available (in three sizes) HERE

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Nude spread in April edition of Health & Efficiency Magazine

The very long running (115 years) Health & Efficiency Magazine for naturists, is running a series of my "Landscape Figures" exhibition images as double page spreads in their monthly magazine.

 The Fear, from Landscape Figures by Glyn Davies photographer

This 6th DPS features "The Fear" with the following text:

"Alone on a mountain top, surrounded by swirling cloud and the threat of heavy rain, a healthy young woman, soft and curvaceous, cowers from the elements in a rough, sharp, rocky outcrop. She is vulnerable, tiny and organic, but she also looks strong, inquisitive, almost daring - what if she were to face the weather, to leave her scant shelter? To stand naked on a wind blown summit, wrapped in vapour and then rain, is liberating in the extreme - a time to feel utterly exposed yet totally connected at the same moment, never feeling more at one with the great outdoors"

Visit the Nudes in Landscape gallery at to purchase a signed fine-art print of The Fear, or to commission Glyn to create a similar photograph of yourselves. Mobile: 07778 983733

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Western Mail article about MONO Awards recognition

Delighted to see the Western Mail (and WalesOnline) do a slide show article of my recent recognition in the International Mono Awards
Link the image below to go to the page and slide show

Why not come and visit? My gallery is for real, not just virtual !

Glyn Davies Photography Art Gallery

NINE images given Honourable Mentions in this years International MONO Awards

As with all competitions, it's always disappointing not to win, but in the 2014 International MONO Awards just announced in Feb 2015, I was still in for a surprise. I checked out the winning three images in 'Nudes' from 7000 entries and 86 countries and almost logged off thinking I'd wasted my time, but I happened to notice a series of honourable mentions within each subject category. As I scrolled down I discovered all NINE of my nine competition entries had been awarded an 'Honourable Mention' so I ended up absolutely delighted that these images from my recent major project and exhibition had been internationally recognised.
I have created a small gallery HERE on my nudes in landscape site "Landscape Figures" for you to see those recognised. The category winners can be seen HERE
Male nude & tree in desert landscape
"And then there was Man" from the Genesis set within my major project and exhibition, "Landscape Figures"

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Spread in March's H&E (Health & Efficiency) Magazine

The very long running (115 years) Health & Efficiency Magazine for naturists, is running a series of my "Landscape Figures" exhibition images as double page spreads in their monthly magazine.

This 5th DPS features "Life Connected" with the following text:

Glyn says: “This was the last in my short ‘Genesis’series from my Landscape Figures project and exhibition. After the loving connection of ‘And then there was light’, this image was the after effect, the feeling of being utterly connected to everything, at one with the landscape and at peace with the world.”

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Saturday, 24 January 2015

Cornish Escape, Jan 2015

After a very busy six weeks of intensive gallery coverage over December and the New Year period, with literally just three days off throughout so that the gallery was open to Wales visitors, Jan and I finally grabbed a week off and raced down to Cornwall for some much needed rest and relaxation.

We stayed in a fantastic apartment in Newlyn with 180º views of the harbour and we were able to watch the changing weather and light shifting across the vista. We did end up with some intense rain over the week but we managed to get out walking every day nevertheless, and even found some pictures, a couple of which are here, below.

"Boiling Tin" Pendeen, Penwith

Storm Force winds made photography almost impossible as the lens was being constantly buffeted and I had to huddle behind a low wall but even that didn't stop clouds of sea spray from covering the lens element within seconds. It was a matter of constantly wiping the lens, shooting then re-wiping.

These engine houses are no longer used of course but they form a striking reminder of Cornwall's rich industrial past and an export that crossed the world.

"Morning Mount" St Michael's Mount, Marazion

Just for the hell of it, we decided to do the guided tour of St Michael's Mount in Marazion, after years of visiting without knowing it's full history. We crossed in dry weather, arrived in drizzle then got pummelled by winter showers before we got inside the house itself. We did finally learn a lot about it's history and the NT guide was a lovely bloke. After a beef stew in the fantastic café on the mount, we had a sunny ferry trip back to the mainland, just before the clouds moved across again, leaving this rather beautiful silhouette as we left.

"Cornish Waters" Queen of the Fal ferry, returning from St Mawes

Another impulse decision to make the most of the changeable weather. As the sea had calmed after the previous few stormy days, we just turned up at the Prince of Wales Pier in my home town of Falmouth, and boarded the St Mawes Ferry for a half hour trip across the Carrick Roads to the castle town of St Mawes. St Mawes Castle was an essential twin to Pendennis Castle in Falmouth as neither castle's canon range could reach across the entrance to Falmouth Harbour, but together, no enemy ship could get past without getting blasted.

This was true of our trip, though we were blasted by ice showers and sea spray on our return to Falmouth but we did steal a prize, of a stunning full rainbow across the entrance to the Truro River - not here on the blog but will be on my website.

And the true Queen of my Falmouth, the wonderful Jan Williams xxx

© All words and images are strictly copyrighted to the author, Glyn Davies, 2015

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Spread in Feb's H&E (Health & Efficiency) Magazine

The very long running (115 years) Health & Efficiency Magazine for naturists, is running a series of my "Landscape Figures" exhibition images as double page spreads in their monthly magazine.

"Breathing Life Into Shadows" from Landscape Figures

This 4th DPS features "Breathing Life Into Shadows" with the following text:

“This is the third in a series of six images very loosely connected to Adam and Eve. They were shot with an idealistic vision that we, as humans, were given a second chance – a chance not to eat from the wrong tree but to just love each other, and also the planet; to start afresh, to learn to co-exist with each other and our environment, without trashing it as we have done this time around.

“Here, in a desert, populated only by spindly brush and wind-blown saplings, a couple sensually embrace as a breeze caresses their hot skin, and so begin the first moves towards creating new life on this deserted earth.

“What shall we do with the resulting new life, though? What could we do differently to live in harmony? Could we ever learn to just take what we need, not what we want? Could we learn to simply celebrate other living creatures and the earth that supports us, or will we once again ignore the carnage we create?

“As I say, it’s an idealistic vision, but among true naturists I believe there would be much empathy with this dream – but it is only a dream...”

Visit to buy this image and find out how you can commission Glyn to create your own nude masterpiece.

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Exposed at Llanddwyn - First in edition sells today

I have no idea why I hadn't printed this up earlier, but this 2011 image titled "Exposed at Llanddwyn" was only printed to A1 a few months ago, and hung in the gallery. I have just sold the print today, No.1 of 20. Further prints at this size are obviously available.

It seems that this is the remains the Greek brig, "Athena" - which was wrecked here at Malltraeth / Llanddwyn beach, Anglesey, in December 1852. It was not a tragedy as all 14 crew were rescued by local lifeboatmen. It does however remain a must see wreck on this West Anglesey coast, and depending on the sand levels, looks more and less impressive alternately!