Saturday, 11 October 2014

What makes this bizarre life worthwhile

Back in the gallery one day and already in tears again, thanks to a most wonderful older lady who sought me out after reading my books in a shop in Moelfre.
She said it was so nice to find someone who can REALLY write properly about their photographs and that she sees so many descriptions by photographers who think they are writing cleverly but that they are not, and should not write at all. I agree with her. I read her a paragraph or so from Welsh Light and she went silent and just looked at me without saying anything.
She spent ages talking with me and the emotional / philosophical connection was tangible. After coming down from the main gallery she was visibly moved, tears in her eyes, and said she didn't know what to say, she was just so touched by the images.
She said there was only one other exhibition that moved her as much, and that was by the renowned documentary photographer Paul Strand. I then cried and we hugged, kissed each other's cheeks and she left promising she would be back without doubt.
These special connections between viewers and the artist, (non sexual by the way) are genuinely the only reason for me at least, why I create art. The four or five women with tears rolling down their cheeks at the Oriel Ynys Môn at my show, my brother who also in tears said that only a Marc Chagall exhibition in Paris had moved him as much - these are priceless and unbeatable moments in an artist's life.
Anyone can knock out decorative crap, but to move viewers to tears with ones work, that's the truest evaluation you can ever get.

UPDATE: She has just been back in today, and I've discovered she lives in the Forest of Dean, and her name is Lynne Perry, she's back for books next time :-) 

Sunday, 5 October 2014

"Pixellated Nude Woman Playing" (Algarve 2014)

As I grow increasingly disinterested with current landscape photography, I am finding a slow and gentle new way of using photography to explore the human figure and it's interaction with the world. Even my ongoing landscape figures project is not really about individual portraits, but about the relationship between the organic figure and it's surroundings.

Finding the blue skies of the Algarve boring photographically, although stunning from a sunny holiday perspective, I found REAL joy and passion for shooting "poolscapes" - spending ages in burning sunshine just to get the compositions I wanted. It was fun and exciting and patience testing to align shadows and figures and breezes :-)

"Pixellated Nude Woman Playing" © Glyn Davies (Algarve 2014)

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Against All Odds, another Edition sale through Art Collector Plan!

We have just sold another A1 Edition print “Against All Odds” from the “Landscape Figures” exhibition, currently running it’s last week at the Oriel Ynys Môn Gallery on Anglesey. For anyone considering purchasing one of my larger images, the Art Collector Plan that offers ten months interest free credit is definitely worth taking advantage of, but you have just 5 days left to purchase using that scheme. 

“Against All Odds” shows a petite, fragile-looking female, crouched below waterfalls above an icy river. Against all odds, she’s naked, hunting for fish in that icy river, in mid-winter with snow lying in patches on nearby embankments.

This volunteer stripped off in the cold breeze, negotiated bitter water in order to pose on all fours, her hands and knees on frozen rock. Although you would think that is utter craziness, she actually found the experience intense and invigorating, feeling an utter connection to everything about her from the air to the earth and even the sound of the waterfall powering down around her. She finds the image surreal and full of story and is delighted to have found the strength to do it.  
Against all odds can be ordered in four sizes from A4 to A1, here on the dedicated website: 

Monday, 15 September 2014

2 hours with the eminent Rhys Mwyn on Mon FM Radio

What a brilliant interview / chat I’ve had today, live on radio for two whole hours with presenter Rhys Mwyn of Anhrefn Records, at Môn FM.

Rhys is a natural at putting his guests at ease and his intelligent and considered discussion allows the guest to expand on stories and digress into other related areas of discussion.

I have known Rhys for MANY years, and we both used to stand in the street in Penygroes where we lived for HOURS at a time, discussing music, arts, the planet and life itself. He laughs about my chattiness but I have always found him to be a perfect match in terms of verbal output but it’s always interesting, always warm hearted, always wise. I love the bloke, he makes me feel good about things and I’m fascinated by his knowledge and anecdotes. 

Today, I was the only guest, and although interlaced with many really cool tracks - (hardly surprising from the man who has dinner with Cerys Matthews and who was actively involved in music promotion including with Super Furry Animals & Catatonia AND who is a musician in his own right ) It was just me & Rhys today and the two hours raced by. In fact although I was worried beforehand about what to say for such a long programme, I was actually starting to panic at 1hour 30min that there was still so much I hadn’t discussed with him! 

It was a great opportunity to publicly counter some of the truly banal and ill educated comments from a minority of prudes scribbling silliness in the Oriel Ynys Môn comments book. It was also a chance to get the true rationale behind the project across, a project that is based 100% on personal connection to the subject and decades of immersion in wild landscape and equally, understanding and experiencing a naturist lifestyle, an element integral to my ongoing major project. Rhys and so many other broad-minded, intelligent people have totally understood and appreciated both the concept and the aesthetic, and this vast majority has kicked the dissenters into a tiny little corner of the coal cellar. To have someone so bright, positive and enlightened discussing my work, was a true blessing and made for the good interaction throughout the programme, so in a week when I have been greatly distressed by the atrocities happening elsewhere in the world, today was a finally a very good day :-) 

Friday, 12 September 2014

1 WEEK TO GO to see my major exhibition, Landscape Figures

I have had a huge positive response to my latest major print exhibition, "Landscape Figures", literally the best feedback I have ever had for my work in 30 years. Dozens and dozens of people have written to me privately and 100s offering amazing comments and feedback via social media and in the gallery guest book.

Sadly however, this immaculately printed and very striking exhibition (and I have the confidence after 3 decades to say so myself) is ending in just over a week, on September 21st 2014. The gallery will be open every day 10.30 - 5.00 pm including the final Sunday.

Even when I finally get this show toured, I doubt we'll ever be able to display as many as the fifty one 3ft x 2ft prints on show at the Oriel Môn Gallery.

Some of my visitors have been back many times, engrossed with the concept and the wild naturalness of the locations the volunteers have modelled in. One lady has just told me today that she has been six times, and every time, she spends hours in the show, just sitting and pondering. Others have talked about being unable to get the images out of their minds, they have been etched in their minds. Simply incredible comments.

Anyway, IF you get the chance, please do pop by this superb venue and check out my show. As you probably know by now, I have a new print sales portfolio website which details the project.

We have just sold four prints from this new site, to a customer in Australia and another to a customer in Surrey, so this project, images, prints and website is obviously working well at this point, thank goodness as the exhibition cost over £6K to produce.

The most considered positive comments about the project will be included on the testimonials page of my new site, here:

VIPs from RAF & Indian Air Force, tour "Landscape Figures"

It’s always lovely to speak to my friend Ian Jones at the Oriel Môn Gallery but it was a real surprise to receive a call from him asking if I'd be kind enough to meet with a group of VIPs, to introduce my "Landscape Figures" exhibition to them.

The VIPs were all from air forces, but two were from India. I met with Mrs Lilly Raha, wife of Air Chief Marshal Raha, Chief of Air Staff of the Indian Air Force, along with Gp Capt Atwal also of the Indian Air Force. Also present were Mrs Samantha Cracroft, wife of Gp Capt Cracroft, Station Commander at RAF Valley, and finally Flt Lt Madeline Timlin from London and Fg Off Verity Wheable, Station Adjutant (not pictured).

Verity had been to see my exhibition the week before and had fallen in love with my landscapes and the concept of the project. She considered it a suitable exhibition to show to their guests and she was proved absolutely correct, as the group really enjoyed my work. Mrs Raha seemed touched by my friendly chat and she presented me with a lovely gift from her homeland. I returned the gesture with a signed copy of my Welsh Light book, and she was delighted.

Gp Capt Atwal made an interesting observation of my work, he said “The British landscape is so rich, varied and colourful, yet it’s quite amazing that you have somehow managed to capture that variation even in black and white”. I took this as a nice compliment from a gentleman who openly told me how much he enjoyed the work.

I have invited Mrs Cracroft to see my own gallery when she has time, so that I can show her my non-figurative landscape work as well. I know Verity will be doing likewise and I think I have a new fan and I'm honoured that she wanted her VIP guests to see my work.

I know that the Oriel Ynys Môn as well as myself, are delighted that RAF Valley have chosen to include cultural and artistic venues on their list of VIP destinations during visits. Long may it continue.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Golwg Magazine - Interview 2014

Short illustrated interview about my Landscape Figures project and exhibition, in the Welsh language Golwg Magazine (Thu 4th Sep 2014) - nice to see female AND male nudes being published - diolch Golwg :-)

Friday, 22 August 2014

10% BANK HOLIDAY DISCOUNT using this code: AUGBH10

10% BANK HOLIDAY DISCOUNT using this code: AUGBH10
on any print order from from now until the end of August.

Don't forget that if you win the free print Prize Draw, (auto entered on registration), your winning A4 prize on Sep 21st will be upgraded to a signed A3+ print :-)

Image is copyrighted to © Glyn Davies and no permission to use is implied or granted.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

1st sale from Landscape Figures is aptly titled "In The Beginning"

I am actually really chuffed that the first A1 Limited Edition print to sell from my major exhibition at the Oriel Môn Gallery, "Landscape Figures" is one of my earliest male nudes from 2011, "In The Beginning".

I was fascinated by the multitude of different colours in the rock and the natural uterus shape within it's folds. The veins of rock are feeding the womb and the fact that life itself was born out of molten rock is still mind-blowingly incredible. There is a melancholy about this foetus being an ageing man, the hopes for life and future, and the part we play on the planet, are maybe never realised in so many people, or maybe are still waiting to grow and be nurtured even in later life. Ultimately, perhaps all we have ever had was hope and dreams, during this blip on earth called life.

All words and images are copyrighted to the artist © Glyn Davies and all rights are reserved.
The blog post may be shared but not the image alone, without written permission from the artist.

Nudes over the sheets in famous H&E Naturist magazine

Well a first for me, but totally apt in respect to my ongoing major project about nudes in landscape - a 4 page spread of five of my "Landscape Figures" images looking amazing in this long established naturist magazine H&E (Health & Efficiency)

Editor & publisher and fellow naturist Sam Hawcroft, has been incredibly supportive and fascinated by this exhibition and was kind enough to publish this striking four page spread. I have only included the first double page spread here on my blog, the other four images over two pages can only be seen if you buy the magazine (or view online for a one off charge of £3.95)

The exhibition continues at the Oriel Ynys Môn in Llangefni, Anglesey until September 21st 2014, open every day 10.30-5.00pm (01248) 724444

The response has been phenomenal, indeed I have never had such a powerful and overwhelming response from viewers as with this show, as literally hundreds and hundreds of people are being emotionally moved (literally to tears in several cases) after discovering an empathy and understanding for my own [naturist] perspective on this subject, and the way I have presented it - totally non sexual, just raw, mostly sensuous connections between figures, the landscape and the elements. In some of my later images there is an increasing narrative about human relationships within these natural wild landscapes, but in all, the purity of the nude figures in natural looking spaces is definitely creating a connection for viewers.

I would like to thank Sam for her support for this exhibition and my work and she has a new subscriber in me :-)

For anyone else wishing to explore the welcoming and honest side of a naturist lifestyle, a subscription to H&E Magazine could be your starting point. If you are looking for sex this magazine is not for you. If you want to see real people enjoying a genuine lifestyle, then it probably is :-)