Saturday, 24 January 2015

Cornish Escape, Jan 2015

After a very busy six weeks of intensive gallery coverage over December and the New Year period, with literally just three days off throughout so that the gallery was open to Wales visitors, Jan and I finally grabbed a week off and raced down to Cornwall for some much needed rest and relaxation.

We stayed in a fantastic apartment in Newlyn with 180º views of the harbour and we were able to watch the changing weather and light shifting across the vista. We did end up with some intense rain over the week but we managed to get out walking every day nevertheless, and even found some pictures, a couple of which are here, below.

"Boiling Tin" Pendeen, Penwith

Storm Force winds made photography almost impossible as the lens was being constantly buffeted and I had to huddle behind a low wall but even that didn't stop clouds of sea spray from covering the lens element within seconds. It was a matter of constantly wiping the lens, shooting then re-wiping.

These engine houses are no longer used of course but they form a striking reminder of Cornwall's rich industrial past and an export that crossed the world.

"Morning Mount" St Michael's Mount, Marazion

Just for the hell of it, we decided to do the guided tour of St Michael's Mount in Marazion, after years of visiting without knowing it's full history. We crossed in dry weather, arrived in drizzle then got pummelled by winter showers before we got inside the house itself. We did finally learn a lot about it's history and the NT guide was a lovely bloke. After a beef stew in the fantastic café on the mount, we had a sunny ferry trip back to the mainland, just before the clouds moved across again, leaving this rather beautiful silhouette as we left.

"Cornish Waters" Queen of the Fal ferry, returning from St Mawes

Another impulse decision to make the most of the changeable weather. As the sea had calmed after the previous few stormy days, we just turned up at the Prince of Wales Pier in my home town of Falmouth, and boarded the St Mawes Ferry for a half hour trip across the Carrick Roads to the castle town of St Mawes. St Mawes Castle was an essential twin to Pendennis Castle in Falmouth as neither castle's canon range could reach across the entrance to Falmouth Harbour, but together, no enemy ship could get past without getting blasted.

This was true of our trip, though we were blasted by ice showers and sea spray on our return to Falmouth but we did steal a prize, of a stunning full rainbow across the entrance to the Truro River - not here on the blog but will be on my website.

And the true Queen of my Falmouth, the wonderful Jan Williams xxx

© All words and images are strictly copyrighted to the author, Glyn Davies, 2015

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Spread in Feb's H&E (Health & Efficiency) Magazine

The very long running (115 years) Health & Efficiency Magazine for naturists, is running a series of my "Landscape Figures" exhibition images as double page spreads in their monthly magazine.

"Breathing Life Into Shadows" from Landscape Figures

This 4th DPS features "Breathing Life Into Shadows" with the following text:

“This is the third in a series of six images very loosely connected to Adam and Eve. They were shot with an idealistic vision that we, as humans, were given a second chance – a chance not to eat from the wrong tree but to just love each other, and also the planet; to start afresh, to learn to co-exist with each other and our environment, without trashing it as we have done this time around.

“Here, in a desert, populated only by spindly brush and wind-blown saplings, a couple sensually embrace as a breeze caresses their hot skin, and so begin the first moves towards creating new life on this deserted earth.

“What shall we do with the resulting new life, though? What could we do differently to live in harmony? Could we ever learn to just take what we need, not what we want? Could we learn to simply celebrate other living creatures and the earth that supports us, or will we once again ignore the carnage we create?

“As I say, it’s an idealistic vision, but among true naturists I believe there would be much empathy with this dream – but it is only a dream...”

Visit to buy this image and find out how you can commission Glyn to create your own nude masterpiece.

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Exposed at Llanddwyn - First in edition sells today

I have no idea why I hadn't printed this up earlier, but this 2011 image titled "Exposed at Llanddwyn" was only printed to A1 a few months ago, and hung in the gallery. I have just sold the print today, No.1 of 20. Further prints at this size are obviously available.

It seems that this is the remains the Greek brig, "Athena" - which was wrecked here at Malltraeth / Llanddwyn beach, Anglesey, in December 1852. It was not a tragedy as all 14 crew were rescued by local lifeboatmen. It does however remain a must see wreck on this West Anglesey coast, and depending on the sand levels, looks more and less impressive alternately! 

Thursday, 11 December 2014

British Naturism Magazine - Cover photo - Winter 2014

After deliberating for several weeks over which of my images they wanted to use for the cover, the British Naturism Magazine Team opted for a colour shot rather than my usual B&W. This image was never included in my exhibition but makes a beautiful print nevertheless. Prints are available in sizes from A4 - A1 -

 Wood Nymph

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Why use a professional - Before & After Industrial Pix

For many years, though I am known for landscapes, my main income was commercial photography, and I've shot everything from aerial images of building sites, to interior shots of underground power stations and even circuit boards for electronic companies.

Gradually however, as companies started to try and save money by hiring beginners, or even asking staff with compacts to ‘have a go’, the fun of turning sows ears into purses became less and less fun, on restricted budgets and working with marketing staff who were happy with anything, as long as it was cheap.

Fortunately however, I have formed a brilliant relationship with a marketing professional, who has worked long term with Bangor University. They have continued to realise the advantages of using an experienced photographer who has more skills than just PhotoShop. So this Summer I was asked to shoot some fresh images of what turned out to be a slightly cramped chemistry department, almost shoehorned into an old style university building. PhotoShop makes the job easier for sure, but it cannot replace quality lighting at the outset, when photographing existing interiors.

Apart from my Canon 1DS Mk3 (I used to use a Sinar P2 in 5x4 film days) and a very heavyweight Manfrotto 161 tripod for stability, I also brought to the job lighting gels; 3x Elinchrom heads; 3 x 1KW Redheads; a 2KW Arri Focussing spot – I love working with tungsten if I can, seeing precisely how the light works, but there were definitely needs for 600J high power remote flashes on this shoot too, as dark ceilings needed lighting, as well as adjacent rooms. What I love about mixing light sources, is the ability to incorporate some movement in pictures. I had already visited the rooms on a reccy, so knew approximately what I needed and how I was going to light the shots.

In this blog I decided to post the before and after pictures, which show both the effects of lighting and post production. The longest part of the whole job however, was trying to simply clear and tidy locations before any shooting could take place. About 95% of all the blue colour in the images is from lighting gels not software. The colours are often used to disguise mess and separate objects within the composition. Where a building is naturally beautiful and inspiring it is often not necessary to use additional colour, but in these very bland functional work environments, where the brilliance of science and education far outweighs the need for brilliant interior design, the lighting and colouration is pretty much essential.

The post production was essential for correcting lens distortion even from the 35mm L series lenses, and of course retouching all the grubbiness of the instruments, walls and worktops.

If you need a photographer who really knows how to light and post produce your products or locations, please get in touch on 07778 983733    

Friday, 5 December 2014

Candy Floss Rollercoaster, Snowdonia

Sometimes, perfection comes unexpectedly. Jan and I had walked in bracing winds up the side of Elidir Fach for an easy afternoon walk in dreary, hazy weather. The cloud base dropped lower and started to circle around us, looking like tsunami faces hundreds of feet high. We were suddenly in cold and wet and limited visibility, but almost as quickly as it dropped, it lifted, and the most amazing colours and light started to appear over the distant hills, captivating and exciting.

 Candy Floss Rollercoaster Snowdonia

The undulating series of hilltops in the middle distance is sometimes referred to locally as 'the roller-coaster' and are in fact the lower peaks leading to the summit of Yr Wyddfa (Snowdon). At dusk, this hugely popular mountain is mostly deserted and offers perfect solitude after the crowds have left by foot and railway to the warmth of the pubs and guest houses in the town of Llanberis nestling below.

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Spread in Jan's H&E (Health & Efficiency) Magazine

The very long running (115 years) Health & Efficiency Magazine for naturists, is running a series of my "Landscape Figures" exhibition images as double page spreads in their monthly magazine.

This third DPS features "Sensual Immersion" with the following text:

"In this lonely Welsh valley nestles a large but often calm lake. Reeds puncture the glassy smooth surface and there is silence, apart from the occasional bleating of Welsh mountain sheep, or the call of a Raven over the hillsides. This woman was so bird-like in stature, so graceful and so slim, that she reminded me of the Heron which often frequents this place. She delicately pointed each foot into the lake so as not to overly disturb it's surface and even the act of doing this mimicked the beautiful creature.  She turned to face the light, her front feeling the gentle warmth of the afternoon sun, as the cold water clasped her legs, and she stood motionless, embracing the sensations as I shot a few frames of this human wader."

Prints can be purchased direct from the website HERE  and if you apply this code glynsblog you will receive a £5.00 discount off any print purchase

Spread in Dec's H&E (Health & Efficiency) Magazine

The very long running (115 years) Health & Efficiency Magazine for naturists, is running a series of my "Landscape Figures" exhibition images as double page spreads in their monthly magazine.

This second DPS features "In The Beginning" with the following text:

"I was really chuffed that this was the first Limited Edition print to sell from my recent major exhibition "Landscape Figures" as it's one of my earliest male nudes from 2011 and it's a self portrait. 

I was fascinated by the multitude of different colours in the rock and the natural uterus shape within it's folds. The veins of rock are feeding the womb and the fact that life itself was born out of molten rock is still mind-blowingly incredible. There is a melancholy about this foetus being an ageing man, the hopes for life and future, and the part we play on the planet, are maybe never realised in so many people, or maybe are still waiting to grow and be nurtured even in later life. Ultimately, perhaps all we have ever had was hope and dreams, during this blip on earth called life”

Prints can be purchased direct from the website HERE  and if you apply this code glynsblog you will receive a £5.00 discount off any print purchase 

Spread in Nov's H&E (Health & Efficiency) Magazine

The very long running (115 years) Health & Efficiency Magazine for naturists, is running a series of my "Landscape Figures" exhibition images as double page spreads in their monthly magazine.

This first DPS features "Swallowed by the Lake" with the following text:

"The woman stood motionless, or so it seemed, her feet slowly sinking into the sticky black leaf litter below the surface. There was hardly a breeze, no movement, just the occasional chirp from the Summer’s last Swallow, breaking the silence at this mountain lake.

But when you look closely, you see ripples oscillating away from the woman’s body, continuing almost imperceptibly across the lake. Her energy, her life force was affecting the landscape in a clearly visible, tangible way, utter connection between our living organic form and the earth we come from.”  

 Swallowed by the Lake

Prints can be purchased direct from the website HERE  and if you apply this code [ glynsblog ] you will receive a £5.00 discount off any print purchase 

Saturday, 22 November 2014

New image - "Beach Showers", Rhosneigr, Anglesey

Every so often, I almost by accident end up dropping into old folders amongst hundreds sitting there from amazing days out, but never, ever worked thanks to other demands of being a professional.

I just happened upon this image, which I loved when I saw it for real at this amazing Rhosneigr beach location on Anglesey. I have no idea what made me open it in ACR and start making the contrast adjustments, but I did and I'm glad I did.

I did have to retouch a long line of crazy dog paw prints but that IS the advantage of software, to remove the crud that at one time blighted those of us brought up shooting on film.

Anyway, hope you think it's worth it too - small prints are available as always by clicking HERE but larger size, Limited Edition prints are available by phoning me on 07778 983733