Saturday, 3 October 2015

FOUR of my nudes are winning entries in "SHOT UP NORTH” Awards 2015 - Judge, Brian Griffin

It has been many years since I entered the "Shot up North" Awards but having being honoured to help judge the Awards last year, I thought I really should make the effort to re-enter the competition myself this year after more than a decade of not doing so.

I am therefore absolutely thrilled to hear that FOUR of my landscape nudes have just been selected as winning entries in this year’s "SHOT UP NORTH” Awards, judged by famous portrait photographer, Brian Griffin

One of my four winning entries is "Suffering Needles" from my 'Landscape Figures' project

SUN is a group owned and run by professional photographers, "celebrating and rewarding the best professional photography in the northern regions of the uk

The overall 1st, 2nd, 3rd and ‘merits’ from all the winning entries will be announced at the launch in Leeds on Nov 3rd - fingers crossed :-)

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

“Then Came Autumn” Double Page Spread in H&E Naturist Mag

The very long running (116 years) Health and Efficiency Magazine for naturists, is running a series of my "Landscape Figures" images as double page spreads in their monthly magazine.

This 12th DPS in the Oct edition out now, features a worksafe version of “Then Came Autumn”
(From my major exhibition project, “Landscape Figures”)

“It was dusk and a gentle mist hung in the valleys, illuminated only by the last glimmer of Autumnal daylight. There was delicate moisture in the air and a slight dampness on the short grass surrounding the rock. Rich, earthy smells surrounded me, from the bracken and ancient woodland adjacent to the outcrop. Above the sound of a gurgling brook I could hear a thrush singing somewhere in the distance. Apart from that there was relative silence; no cars, no planes, no groups of chatty ‘ramblers on a mission’, just me in what felt like a lost valley. I was alone and had found perfect solitude.

I enjoyed the feeling of the cool, almost prickly, sheep-mown grass on the soles of my feet, but the rock was warm having basked during a day of unbroken sunshine under clear blue skies. Although the rocky outcrop looked smooth from a distance it was rough beneath my skin, making my body feel vulnerable to its sharp surface. I enjoyed the sensation nevertheless, feeling utterly and intimately connected to ‘my’ rock, a rock carved by glaciers millions of years ago, scratched and smoothed by the weight of ice, but today it was just me, an insignificant speck on the planet. Yet the planet means everything to me; I feel it, see it, and hear it. It provides for me, nourishes me and I am a part of it nevertheless.

As the melody of the Song Thrush drifted away, I lay relaxed, supine, as much of my skin surface in contact with the rock as I could manage, facing the darkening universe above. The rock supported me, it seemed as if the Earth itself was carrying me, a fragile, perishable organic figure, exposed to the air and the elements but wonderfully connected to the land. In this silent landscape sanctuary I became acutely aware of the reassuring rhythm of my heart beating in my chest. In my stretched out position every inhalation felt powerful and life affirming – I could feel my lungs filling, and my chest rising and falling. I became aware of the faintest movement in the air, and a delicate breeze traced it’s way over every inch of my body, under, around, across – caressing me, soothing me connecting with me.

The light faded further and night approached. Small irregularities in the rock surface started to make their presence known, applying pressure to various points of my body, and although my soft flesh absorbed some of the discomfort the rock was easing me off, sending me on my way, for it’s time is aeons to come but for me, I’m just a falling leaf for a few moments. I stood back down on the grassy earth and now it was cold. That intense, super-real and sensuously naked connection ended the melancholy moment that I pulled my clothes back on.”

This print can be purchased at

© All words and images copyrighted to Glyn Davies BA(hons)

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

WINNER of People's Choice Award at Castle Galleries Summer Exhibition 2015

"Our winner was Glyn Davies, a photographer whose work is inspired by his love of landscape, wilderness and solitude. Capturing exposed nudes against a backdrop of striking scenes, Glyn’s work explores the fragility and vulnerability of the human form in nature, and the sensuous intimate relationship between the human and the environment. Glyn has exhibited in a number of galleries across the UK and received numerous awards and accolades. His work is available through his website "

I can't thank everyone enough here on my Blog for your support in helping me to WIN the “People's Choice Award” at the Castle Galleries Summer Exhibition & Competition - and to Castle Galleries themselves for the opportunity to exhibit, and to all my fans, friends and customers for the sheer volume of support for my work on and off-line. It's vital for artists to maintain publicity in this hard fought arena so respect to Castle Galleries for believing in my work in the first place, and definitely huge thanks to the hundreds of people who voted - modern photography given a chance at Castle Galleries - now that has to be a step in the right direction surely ? :-)

Friday, 28 August 2015

"Explosions Softened" Fuerteventura - No.1 of 30 now sold.

Based in North Wales the vast majority of my print sales are of this beautiful area, closely followed by sales of my nudes in landscape prints, but it's rare to be able to sell prints of beautiful areas outside of this area. It was therefore a delight for me to be able to print up the first edition of "Explosions Softened", one of my first shots from Fuerteventura, taken at the incredible, shifting mini desert of Corallejo in the North of the island. The rough black lava has been mostly obscured by baking hot, soft white sand blown in from Africa's Sahara desert across the sea to the East.

Ken Latham a close friend of mine and also my main assistant for opening my gallery when I am travelling, chose this print as his first of several for what he hopes will be an ongoing collection of my work. Yes of course he gets a very special deal :-)

© Glyn Davies 2012

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

"Portugal Pool Party" DPS in Sep edition of H&E (Health & Efficiency) Magazine

The very long running (115 years) Health and Efficiency Magazine for naturists, is running a series of my "Landscape Figures" images as double page spreads in their monthly magazine.

This 11th DPS in the August edition out now, features "Portugal Pool Party"

"Portugal Pool Party"

"Here in the UK we have seen very little sunshine this Summer, well certainly for those of us working full time when occasional days off to the beach have become a warm wash out, but in Portugal we have always found the weather to be a lot more naturist friendly!

This image was shot on location at an amazing and naturist friendly villa in the Algarve, ( which is owned and rented out by our friends who appear in the picture.

It was just for fun, imagining the perfect Portugal pool party with wine, food, fun, frolics, more wine and loads of relaxing sunbathing. We actually had so much fun shooting this image which took almost an hour to plan and shoot and then around 2 hours in post production!

Yes the wine was real, not coloured water, though there was only one sausage on the BBQ it has to be said :-) Apart from that no other naturists were harmed during the production of this image :-)

There is no prize, but in less than ten seconds how many people are actually starring in this hot Portugal pic ? :-) Certainly goes to show how many people can have fun at one villa :-)"

© Glyn Davies /

Visit the Nudes in Landscape gallery at to purchase a signed fine-art print of this image, or to commission Glyn to create a similar photograph of yourselves.

Saturday, 22 August 2015

First Glance at Castle Gallery window, ICC Birmingham

Ahead of the "Meet the Artist" event at Castle Galleries in Birmingham, one of the flagship galleries for this huge art group, we paid an advance visit the day before to see my work amongst the other 20 winners and I was absolutely thrilled to see one of my own images in the front window of the gallery, it looked superb there and I felt a surge of happiness.

I was asked to discuss my work by one of the gallery staff, Sarah, who found the inside story a fascinating addition to the images themselves and she said this would be very useful when explaining my work to regular customers and art collectors who frequent the gallery. I will show her the other images when I attend the "Meet the Artist" private view this afternoon.

There was a wide variety of work and styles on show with many drawings and paintings but three photo based artists. My photographs were the most purist of the three (no photo illustration or heavy digital manipulation) as they were all from one frame as composed in camera.

If you like my work and haven't voted yet, I'd really appreciate it if you could take two minutes to vote in the "People's Choice" by clicking this link HERE and scrolling to bottom of the page to add your vote, many thanks in advance.

I have no idea what to expect this afternoon, other than needing to chat with a lot of people and discuss my work and approach. Must remember to take drink!

Will do a proper follow up blog in next few days - feeling positive :-)

All pics thanks to Jan Williams

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Summer Exhibition 2015 - Votes needed from loyal fans please!

I am so delighted to have been shortlisted for this major publishing opportunity, and to have my work appearing alongside many other talented UK artists exhibiting alongside me at the ICC in Birmingham this month.

However, now I need your support please, your vote, in The People's Choice Award!

"The Summer Exhibition brings together some of the UK’s most talented emerging visual artists in a special exhibition running throughout August 2015"

Twenty artists have been selected but Washington Green want to know which artists caught your eye, and who your favourite is. Please click HERE and scroll to the bottom of that page to register your vote.

I really do hope that once you've seen the selection, you might vote to give my photography a chance, alongside what is predominantly a group of painters and printmakers.

Voting commenced on 1st August 2015 and the winner will be announced in September.

Original story here:

All information they hold is kept securely and confidentially as required by the Data Protection Act 1998. Your privacy is of the utmost important to them. They will never release your personal details to third parties.

Sunday, 9 August 2015

"Half Surprised" at first A1 Edition sale :-)

A lady originally from Anglesey, with a strong Hiraeth for this area, visited my gallery on Friday and purchased not one but three Limited Edition A1s to create a sense of Anglesey in her Hampshire home.

"Restful Morning" and "Two Light Waves" have been shown here on my blog before but "Half Surprised" was the first in the 30 Edition A1 to sell. Pic below.

Will Anglesey artist Glyn Davies' stunningly bleak landscapes impress top prize award judges?

Photographer Glyn Davies, is one of 20 up-and-coming visual artists in the running for IN:SIGHT 2015 awards. (Daily Post coverage & slideshow - August 2015)

The campaign will see the emerging artists - whittled down from over 400 entries - showcase their work at Washington Green’s flagship Castle Fine Art gallery in the ICC in August as part of its Summer Exhibition.

Those shortlisted are in with a chance of securing a publishing contract with Birmingham based Washington Green Fine Art.

Glyn, who has been a professional photographer for over 30 years and his own gallery (Oriel Glyn Davies) in Menai Bridge, said: “My love of the landscape, of wild places and solitude has been my driver, my inspiration.

“My works combine fragile naked human forms with the wild landscapes I’ve always revelled in, exploring the sensuous relationship of the human body to the natural environment and the elements.

“I see this as a big opportunity for me and it’s great to be shortlisted.

“The big thing about this competition is that Washington Green are better known for featuring paintings, sculpture and print works.

“It’s very rare that they pick up on photographs.”

The Summer Exhibition , featuring the artists from the IN:SIGHT campaign, will take place from August 1 to 31 at Castle Fine Art, International Convention Centre, Birmingham

Thursday, 6 August 2015

"A Lonely Joy", Porth Iago - First edition sold

An existing customer from Kent has just revisited my gallery to buy a second print from me, this time a Limited Edition. She had four images on her shortlist from viewing my website and they were surprisingly close in style so final choice came down to gut reaction.

The image Allison finally fell for was "A Lonely Joy" taken at Porth Iago on the Llyn Peninsula and it happened to be the 1st of 10 in this A2 Edition. 

"A Lonely Joy" appears in my book "Welsh Light" from which I have copied the accompanying image description -

"In a way, this was ALL about the sea, the waves and movement, the sky played the role of illuminator only. I became transfixed by the recurring rhythms which occur where waves meet shore.

At first there is the obvious repetition of waves reaching the shore and dumping their energy. Then there is the apparent chaos of individual waves, which never form the same shapes, height or angle. But then, especially when using a slightly slower shutter speed on the camera, it’s possible to clarify just how much underlying consistency of rhythm there is below the choppy surface, influenced by the shape of the beach in relation to the speed and direction of the waves.

Although large sweeps of watery sheets seem to slide at all angles over the shore, certain strong lines of confluence emerge, where bodies of water meet bodies of water and the energy is consistently channelled in one direction, like standing waves. On what had been a solitary, dreary afternoon of being out just for fresh air, I had become extremely excited by my heightened awareness of rhythm within chaos, and I may now be able to use that to create perspective in everyday life!"