Friday, 22 August 2014

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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

1st sale from Landscape Figures is aptly titled "In The Beginning"

I am actually really chuffed that the first A1 Limited Edition print to sell from my major exhibition at the Oriel Môn Gallery, "Landscape Figures" is one of my earliest male nudes from 2011, "In The Beginning".

I was fascinated by the multitude of different colours in the rock and the natural uterus shape within it's folds. The veins of rock are feeding the womb and the fact that life itself was born out of molten rock is still mind-blowingly incredible. There is a melancholy about this foetus being an ageing man, the hopes for life and future, and the part we play on the planet, are maybe never realised in so many people, or maybe are still waiting to grow and be nurtured even in later life. Ultimately, perhaps all we have ever had was hope and dreams, during this blip on earth called life.

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Nudes over the sheets in famous H&E Naturist magazine

Well a first for me, but totally apt in respect to my ongoing major project about nudes in landscape - a 4 page spread of five of my "Landscape Figures" images looking amazing in this long established naturist magazine H&E (Health & Efficiency)

Editor & publisher and fellow naturist Sam Hawcroft, has been incredibly supportive and fascinated by this exhibition and was kind enough to publish this striking four page spread. I have only included the first double page spread here on my blog, the other four images over two pages can only be seen if you buy the magazine (or view online for a one off charge of £3.95)

The exhibition continues at the Oriel Ynys Môn in Llangefni, Anglesey until September 21st 2014, open every day 10.30-5.00pm (01248) 724444

The response has been phenomenal, indeed I have never had such a powerful and overwhelming response from viewers as with this show, as literally hundreds and hundreds of people are being emotionally moved (literally to tears in several cases) after discovering an empathy and understanding for my own [naturist] perspective on this subject, and the way I have presented it - totally non sexual, just raw, mostly sensuous connections between figures, the landscape and the elements. In some of my later images there is an increasing narrative about human relationships within these natural wild landscapes, but in all, the purity of the nude figures in natural looking spaces is definitely creating a connection for viewers.

I would like to thank Sam for her support for this exhibition and my work and she has a new subscriber in me :-)

For anyone else wishing to explore the welcoming and honest side of a naturist lifestyle, a subscription to H&E Magazine could be your starting point. If you are looking for sex this magazine is not for you. If you want to see real people enjoying a genuine lifestyle, then it probably is :-)

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Live BBC Radio Interview - Naturism and landscape figures

On Tuesday 13th August I was interviewed live on BBC Radio Wales by Nicola Heywood Thomas for the Radio Wales Arts Program.

  Interview about Landscape Figures - nudes in landscape photo exhibition

I didn't get a long time to talk about my major exhibition "Landscape Figures" as four guests were packed into the half hour slot, but on hearing the playback, I was happy that I'd covered most of the essential elements of the project and exhibition and I even had to time to relate it to my own naturist experiences. It was great that the BBC presenter was totally unphased, and did not discuss nudity as an item for ridicule. Refreshing indeed.

I will provide a transcript of the interview as soon as I have time but to hear Nicola finish the interview with the following comment was an excellent compliment to me and the success of this project concept.

"….and there's nothing, nothing in any way that is a bit "ooh dear, that's a little bit iffy", about your photographs, which are absolutely beautiful"

Normally I'm quite stressed when I'm alone in a remote, tiny, sound-proofed radio studio (this is my sixth time I think) but this time it was made so much less stressful thanks to my partner Jan coming with me and making me smile from across the desk  - I didn't feel alone or worried this time so thank you Jan :-)

 Interview about Landscape Figures - nudes in landscape photo exhibition

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Daily Post interview about Landscape Figures

A lovely short interview by the Daily Post which came out the day before the launch of my major new exhibition "Landscape Figures" at the Oriel Ynys Môn Gallery on Anglesey.

The online article and slide-show of 14 images from the 51 on show is here:

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Forthcoming website for "Landscape Figures"

My new website specially dedicated to my "Landscape Figures" project and exhibition goes live on August 10th 2014

This site will be an e-commerce site for purchasing prints and editions from this major, ongoing project about believable nudes in wild landscape.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

"The Commandment" a 'Contest Awards' winner - To appear in a new book

I am delighted to announce that one of my recent nudes-in-landscape images, "The Commandment" has been selected as one of the winners in the "Contest Awards" for inclusion in a book published by the Netherlands based "Unlimited Grain Gallery"

The subject matter was completely open so a very hard challenge for any judges, but I was beaten by a monkey :-) A very good picture of a monkey it was too, and I am really honoured to be included in the selection.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Wildlife photographer, John Deakin, pays me a visit

Facebook really is a mixed bag for most users as it can cause as many problems as fun, but one of the best opportunities it brings by far, is meeting new people and connecting with old friends.

I had chatted with wildlife photographer, John Deakin, for several years on Facebook, loving his very special and sensitive shots of elephants and big game in Africa where he lived for a while, but I never ever imagined meeting the man behind the camera.

It was truly a surprise when I received a text message saying something along the lines of, “Where the Hell are you Glyn my man, as I’m standing outside your gallery and it’s closed – how do you ever make money ?” ☺

I was already out and about with my lovely Jan, on a rare day off that fortnight, but arranged by text to meet John later on for a meal. However Jan said it really wasn’t a problem if we went home early so that I could go out shooting with John for an hour or so, as it was such a glorious evening, and John jumped at the chance when I suggested it.

I met him at the Victoria Hotel in Menai Bridge where he was staying and he kindly offered to drive. I sort of recognised him straight away, not from his Facebook avatar but more because he just 'looked' like a real photographer, don’t ask me why but I just sensed it ☺

As we headed towards the North coast into a lowering sun on a glaring A55, we chatted as if we had known each other for years, which of course in a way we had. Of course the conversation mostly revolved around the profession, photography and business, but it evolved into life, love and future making the chat far more interesting than purely discussion of cameras - though if you do want to chat cameras John really seems to be a guru about photo technology, and is in love with his Fuji machines.

John lives in a landlocked area of England so for him, the journey to the sea almost had him twitching with excitement and he wasn’t to be disappointed when he arrived at my secret beach. The almost flat sea was gently pushing in over superbly sculpted geology. He just kept saying how beautiful it all was and what an amazing place I’d brought him to. I was infected by his enthusiasm which was fortunate as the shooting conditions were all wrong for me, not a cloud in the featureless blue sky and less beach and foreground interest than I would usually prefer. Equally I seek solitude when making images and certainly would never dream of shooting alongside other photographers, but there was something about John’s friendly personality combined with his insistence that I ignore him and shoot as if he were not there, which meant I gave it a go anyway.

I've posted a couple of the landscape images I shot and I prefer the oystercatcher moment, which is particularly apt considering John’s specialisation. I enjoyed shooting John’s portrait as much as the landscapes but John was in landscape seventh Heaven, loving the sea, the location and the massive ball of sun that built on the horizon, turning the world red before it hissed into the Irish Sea. We headed back for a rich and lovely meal at the Taste of India in Menai Bridge, before retiring to our house for G&Ts and further chat. He must have been happy as he says he rarely drinks – I am a bad influence I know!

So Facebook has introduced me to a lovely man and a new real life friend, who I know I will meet again. He didn’t get to meet the gorgeous Jan he’d also checked out on Facebook :-) but he will next time for sure! Thanks John for taking the time to message me and pay me a visit. Thanks also for all your wise words and supportive, complimentary advice, much appreciated. Until next time, Iechyd Da

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Sunday, 4 May 2014

The Commandment - first edition print sold

My taster show for "Landscape Figures" which is showing this Summer at the Oriel Ynys Môn from 09.08.14 - 21.09.14, has been incredibly well received by all. Irrespective of age or gender the response to these Glyn Davies landscapes, for the first time featuring nudes, has been remarkable.

I have just sold a third Limited Edition A1 in just over two weeks. This one is "The Commandment". Here we are presented with an almost biblical scene, a small tree under burning morning sunlight, a craggy deserted mountain side and a gateway to Heaven in the sky above. The backwards-flexed, almost abandoned naked figure, her flesh precariously close to the needle-sharp thorny tree is metaphor rich. However remove the figure and the landscape still retains spiritual significance, for me at least. This same thought process is applied to each of the images I have made.

I believe that it's my passion for solitude and open spaces - the spirit of the land - that helps viewers to connect with the images. The landscape is definitely my prime motive.

All words and images are strictly copyrighted to © Glyn Davies, 2014