Sunday, 27 October 2013

Ahead of the Great Storm, Anglesey 2013

Still not getting used to Jan’s variable shifts in the ITU department at our local hospital, where her constantly changing 12-13 hour night and day shifts take their toll and break up the week like I’ve never experienced before.

"Ahead of the Great Storm" Anglesey

So I find myself on a Sunday without my girlfriend, and a forecast of horrendous weather. Outside the house the mountains had disappeared and the rain was hammering on the skylights of our converted barn. With every media channel labouring the devastating bad weather ahead, it was tempting to just stay indoors but some blasts of sunshine scattered on the green fields of the adjacent farmland and the colours and contrast were superb. I packed my kit, dug out my winter waterproofs for the first time since last winter and headed for the West facing coast of Anglesey. To be honest, I wasn’t totally photo focused as I had chucked my wetsuit and body boarding gear in the van too ‘just in case’ :-)

I headed for Porth Nobla and the seas looked impressive with thousands of white horses but surfing wise, the waves were closing out immediately in the gale force winds, so looking towards Trearddur Bay where I could see huge waves crashing the cliffs even from here, it seemed like a photo opportunity. I have been so wrapped up in my amazing new relationship that I have done very little [landscape] photography at all this year, choosing instead to get to know my new partner by spending all my free time with her. It therefore felt a little strange to be heading out without her today, it was like timeless and history less, just Glyn and his camera again.

I was buffeted as soon as I stepped out of the van and the sea spray was clearly blowing inland covering everything in a thick salty spray. It felt good to be in the fresh air to blow the cobwebs away. The waves were huge (for Anglesey anyway) and the roar of the sea was constant and energising, potent and humbling. I spent the few hours perched on precipitous cliff tops watching for the next big wave set and hoping they would slap the cliffs in just the right way, and thankful they sometimes did.

The clocks had gone back an hour last night so dusk fell upon me quicker than planned and I found myself back on the shore watching the powerful surge of smaller waves push right up to the back of the beach. I met several really friendly amateur photographers down there, and it was nice to chat with them and share their enthusiasm for the amazing seas and light. We all managed to get wet feet whilst shooting some last frames of the day.

So I have chosen my last shot to show you, instead of the big sea pictures. Hope you enjoy it.


K. R. Richards said...

I enjoyed the blog post and love the photo, Glyn. :)eseaTe

Sharon Lawson said...

Lovely post as usual Glyn. Thanks for sharing.

Sharon Lawson said...

Lovely post as ever Glyn, thanks for sharing.

Glyn Davies said...

Thanks so much Sharon :-)

twiddle my thumbs said...

Enjoyed this image Glyn. It gives an impression of sea and sky being sucked back into the distance before undergoing metamorphoses to return as the promised Great Storm of 2013.

K. R. Richards said...

I tweeted it for you Glyn from my K. R. Richards Author twitter, and I will tweet it from my other page, May I Tell You A Story also! And I will share it on my K.R. Richards Author page. :)

Bob Atkinson said...


Thank you for taking the time to speak to my grandson Cameron yesterday. He was thrilled to meet you in person.

Glyn Davies said...

Hiya Bob

It was a delight to meet you both and I have a lot of time for people who take photography seriously from a young age, and commit themselves to intelligent learning.

I wish him all the very best and sorry to hear about your loss of equipment at Llanddwyn. May I ask WHAT you lost and I will ask my Anglesey group on Facebook ?

Best wishes