Saturday, 26 October 2013

Nudity in balance

This is the full frame of the balancing girl in the recent article.

This image will appear as a large format print in next year's major exhibition, "Landscape Figures"

The weather was gale driven and wet, and the model had just been up on a mountainside with me, literally battered by horizontal rain, huddled against a stone wall (this image will only be shown at the exhibition) and then the rain eased off but the winds prevailed. We changed location and this very fit and daring model was happy to balance on a rock in the strong wind and created deliberately uneasy poses , 'apparently' bridging the gap between the mainland and the pilgrim's ancient destination of Ynys Enlli, in the sea beyond.

I loved the tension in her muscles, the edgy balance, the signs of the wind, the dreary weather, the vulnerability and stark isolation of her figure against the elements - ultimately this IS what my exhibition is all about.

These images are STRICTLY copyrighted and may not be posted ANYWHERE without express permission of the author. This is to protect the models as much as the copyright of the photographer.


Howard said...

Super work, Glyn. Erin is a wonderful model, and you both created something special here amidst, I understand, some very challenging conditions. Well done to both of you.

Glyn Davies said...

Ah many thanks Howard, much appreciated. The weather was really mixed and we went from Erin sheltering from freezing horizontal rain to almost dancing in late sunshine in a cold sea. She was superb to work with and the consummate professional - she will appear several times in next years show.

Best wishes