Monday, 21 April 2014

Youngest EVER customer for a Glyn Davies print

Yesterday, a young lady called Emily Dixon came in to see the gallery with her family from Heswall. It was her 13th birthday. After a good hour or so of browsing, I discovered that they were looking through the pictures for Emily, who at 13 had set her heart on buying a fine-art photograph rather than the One Direction concert tickets she's also been offered ! I was blown away that someone so young would commit to having an art print rather than the usual gifts you'd expect a 13 year old girl to desire. The print she fell in love with was an artistic, minimalist, semi-abstract landscape called "Beyond the Pool", which contains an message about the need to protect life in the oceans.

Anyway mum & dad sensibly asked her to sleep on the thought, worried that their daughter might regret her decision the following day, but this afternoon, a beaming Emily came back to the gallery, family in tow, and committed to the purchase. I was truly honoured to be the artist whose work she'd chosen and her smile was worth a fortune - Happy Birthday Emily, and I hope you like the book I gave you as a birthday present :-)

13 year old Emily Dixon of Heswall, my youngest ever fine-art print customer :-) 

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